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Hunkyjunk Fractal Cock Ring Bronze from Oxballs. Fractal tactile cock ring is made of our smoothest rubbery soft stretch Plus + Silicone mix designed for longer bulging and a bigger bone with rubbery soft stretch for extended play. Fractal is the perfect size with the right fit + feel and soft grip. Designed by the boys at Hunkyjunk, this ring is simple but amazing, it is flatter inside so it stays where you put it with no roll or pinching and it has a velvety finish, so it feels lush and smooth on your skin. The new Bronze metallic is glossy rubbery FlexTPR for some hunky stretchy liquid metallic dick bling, all other colors are Hünkyjunk’s custom Plus + Silicone mix with a lush dull velvet feel and a warm fleshy stretch. Hünkyjunk makes the toys that work hard, look hot and hünky for your junk. Right size ring for long-wearing comfort. No roll inner ring design flattens to stay put. Plus + Silicone matte velvet finish Silicone/TPR blend. Metallic bronze glossy FlexTPR. Comfort size longer play cock ring with no roll inner ring design by hünkyjunk. Categories: Love Rings, Classic Cock Rings, Men’s Cock and Ball Gear, Gentlemen Cock Rings. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2022.